These islands with vast plains and beautiful sceneries are rich in mineral resources. The perfect environment to establish a spaceport and a base of operations. - Ubisoft Website

The starting point of your corporation, large green spaces provide grounds to build massive cities.

Sectors Edit

Walbruck Basin Edit

With one remote island and several large islands, Walbruck Basin is rich in mineral resources and provides ample room for settlement. The basin is known for its defunct dam, which fell into ruin decades ago.

64,000 acres, 17 mountain sites, 24 coastal sites

Sector project: Energy

Rebuilt "ancient" Hydro-Dam (with impossible, maybe erroneous drainage) to provide additional energy in this area.

Cape Ambar Edit

Cape Ambar is a cluster of islands, allowing easy access to the many riches of the sea. Rumor has it lost technologies lie just beneath the surface.

56,100 acres, 14 mountain sites, 32 coastal sites

Sector project: Graphene

Lift a sunken Ark from the sea and recover rare materials from its interior

Viridian Coves Edit

A small, hardly colonizable island is the gate to the vast plains of Viridian Coves. The beautiful scenery is the site of Global Union's latest prestige project.

97,800 acres, 13 mountain sites, 27 coastal sites

Sector project: Ornamentals

Erect a statue to celebrate your corporation