Sunflower Farm
Sunflower Farm
Production Building
Construction Costs
Size: 4x8
Maintenance Costs
-100BalanceIcon -35WorkforceIcon -10EnergyIcon
1 Workers

Game: Anno 2205

The Sunflower Farm is a Production Building found in the Temperate region. This building produces Bioresin, which is needed for Biopolymer Factories to make Biopolymers.

The biopolymers are one of the basic resources used for constructing and upgrading most Temperate buildings. The Sunflower Farm is unlocked at default.

On Production Layouts you can find the most efficient placement and layouts for this building. As with all factories, the further from a Transportation Center the higher the logistic costs.

Production Matrix

Building Part Input Output BalanceIcon WorkforceIcon EnergyIcon
Base Building - 10 Bioresin -100 -35 -10
Sunflower Cropland - 15 Bioresin -75 -26.26 -7.5
Max Production - 70 Bioresin -400 -140 -40



Type Effect CreditIcon Rare Materials Size
Sunflower Cropland +150% output

+75% maintenance

400 4 Graphene 8x5

A maximum of 4 Sunflower Croplands can be added.


Type Effect CreditIcon Rare Materials Size
Drone Hive -20% workforce 500 10 iridium 2x2
Accumulator Unit -10% energy 500 10 iridium 2x2
Storage Depot -2 Logistics 500 10 iridium 2x2
A maximum of 5 maintenance modules can be added.

There are empowered maintenance modules available through The Council.