Strategy Map

The Strategy Map is the overview of your Corporation and the game world. From this screen you can access every aspect of the game.

Content Edit

Sectors Edit

There are a total of 11 Sectors available on the strategy map. There are 3 Temperate sectors, 3 Arctic sectors, 3 Lunar sectors and lastly 2 Crisis Sectors.

The game starts off with owning just one of the temperate sectors, as the game progresses you will unlock the arctic and lunar sectors. The first sector in each region is free and you are able to choose, the second and third sector will have to be bought from the other Corporations.

Space Port Edit

See Space Port for full information.

Corporation Profile Edit

See Corporation Profile for full information.

This is the menu to show your Corporation level, blueprints for the buildings and achievements.

Top Menu Edit

This menu bar at the top of the strategy map shows various currencies and statistics.

Transfer Routes Edit

See Transfer Routes for full information.

At the bottom right of the stategy map you can set up and have an overview of your transfer routes.

Sector Statistics Edit

At the bottom-center-left(...) if the strategy map you have access to seeing sector wide statistics for all sectors at once. This will include things such as Goods balance, credit balance and population per sector.