The Space Station is the structure seen in space on the Strategy Map.

World Market Edit

See World Market for full details.

Form the World Market you can establish trade routes to buy or sell Goods.

Assignment Center Edit

See Campaign for list of quests.

From the assignment center you have an overview of the campaign missions that revolve around the Lunar Licensing Program. Your assistant in the assignment center is Sam Beaumont.

Docks Edit

See Docks for full details.

From the docks you have an overview of your Fleet, as well as displaying your current Military Level. Your assistant in the Docks is John Rafferty.

External Resources Edit

See Anno 2205: Asteroid Miner for full details

From the external resources window you can retrieve resources collected in the Andoid/iOS game.

The Council Edit

See The Council for full details.

From The Council window you can vote for the various Corporations which will earn you powerful modules and sometimes rare resources.