Promotions are the new term used for upgrading houses within your population. Since you are running a Corporation, once a tier of workers is fully satisfied they will eligible for a promotion to the next tier.

The current tier will have to have all Needs satisfies 100%, at which point arrows will be displayed above the housing units. From you you can select the Promotion button at the bottom left of the screen and promote at will until the limit is reached.

There is an option to enable "Automatic Promotion" which will let the game promote at will when it is possible.

Effects of Promotions Edit

 Positive effects Edit

  • Credits earned through taxation will increase
  • Unlock a new set of buildings (see Blueprints)
  • Increased workforce

 Negative effects Edit

  • Consumption of goods increases
  • Consumption of public goods [entertainment, security] increases

Given these circumstances, it is always beneficial to provide ascension as much as possible to the population. As long as the production chains and public buildings keep up with the newly created demand, the positive effects greatly outweigh the negative effects.

Temperate Employees Edit

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Arctic Employees Edit


Lunar Employees Edit