Neuro-Module Factory
Neuro-Module Factory
Production Building
Construction Costs
CreditIcon20,000, 5 Metal Foam
Size: 5x7
Maintenance Costs
-200BalanceIcon -40WorkforceIcon -120EnergyIcon
Neuro Implants from Molybdenum
75 Protectors
Game: Anno 2205

The Neuro-Module Factory is a Production Building found in the Arctic region. This building produces Neuro Implants, and requires Molybdenum from the Molybdenum Mine to operate. The Neuro-Module Factory is unlocked when the arctic Population reaches 75 Protectors.

Like all production buildings in the Arctic:

  • Heat is a by-product, which is a tier 1 Need for the arctic population.
  • The further from a Transportation Center the higher the logistic costs.

Production MatrixEdit

Building Part Input Output BalanceIcon WorkforceIcon EnergyIcon
Base Building 4 Molybdenum 4 Neuro Implants -200 -20 -40
Neuro-Module Complex 6 Molybdenum 6 Neuro Implants -150 -33.33 -103
Max Production 40 Molybdenum 40 Neuro Implants -1,100 -220 -660

Modules Edit

Production Edit

Type Effect CreditIcon Rare Materials Size
Neuro-Module Complex +150% output

+75% maintenance

7,500 10 Petrochemicals 5x9
A maximum of 6 Neuro-Module Complexes can be added.

Maintenance Edit

Type Effect CreditIcon Rare Materials Size
Drone Hive -20% workforce 500 10 iridium 2x2
Accumulator Unit -10% energy 500 10 iridium 2x2
Storage Depot -2 Logistics 500 10 iridium 2x2
A maximum of 5 maintenance modules can be added.

There are empowered maintenance modules available through The Council.