Arctic Dwelling
Arctic Tier1
Construction Costs
2 Metal Foam
Size: 5x5
Upgrade Costs
Tier 2: 5 Metal Foam
default in Arctic

Game: Anno 2205

See also Population

The Arctic Dwelling is the Housing Building available in the Arctic region, it is unlocked the moment you unlock your first Arctic region.

The relative low tax income compares to production costs in the arctic makes having a positive sector balance a tough challenge. The arctic dwelling inhabitants are there for production rather than luxury.

Population Tiers Edit

The residence will start out as a building for Protectors, it can be upgraded to house Scientists.

Protectors Edit

Max Inhabitants: 10

Max workforce provided: 15

Max revenue: 47 credits/min

Arctic Tier2

Tier 2

Scientists Edit

Max Inhabitants: 50

Max workforce provided: 50

Max revenue: 269 credits/min